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What is Portara Ninja?

The Approved supplier of historical 1 Minute Data for NinjaTrader 7 & 8

With Portara & CQG Datafactory you can now order continuous back adjusted data in .ntd format for NinjaTrader 7 or 8. NinjaTrader intraday data is guaranteed to just work without any messing or fussing about! Futures & Forex Data from 47 Global Exchanges back to 1965.

Why Do I Need It?

To Backfill Your Platform with Data of Course!

Match your Real Time Feed with Historical CQG Data from PortaraNinja so that you can populate your database and have data back to inception to back-test properly with. How powerful a solution is that? Think about it! Is it starting to make sense? Well read on… and welcome!

Under The Hood
Show Me How...

Backfill Your Data

Learn how Portara provides CQG data that is NinjaTrader 7 & 8 compliant so that you can have historical data that appends to your real time feed.

Easy Install Watch Video

30 Seconds To Data Success!

Plug & Play: Simply place your purchased .ntd data in theNinjaTrader 7 or 8 folder and you are good to go! Simple!

Note: This video shows NT7 installation, apply similar installation methodology if you are a NT8 user, it isn’t hard!


HFM Awards 2015


Portara wins an award at the HFM Awards November 2015. Also Portara was voted with the highest commendation for ‘Best Data Provider’.

HFM Awards 2016


Portara wins a highly commended award at the European HFM Awards November 2016. Portara was ‘highly commended in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.

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FREE to all users: Complimentary 1 minute data (NT7 only)

6 Months 1 Minute Bar Globex British Pound 6B (CQG: BP6)
6 Months 1 Minute Bar Light Sweet Crude Oil CL (CQG: CLE)

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Customise Your Data By...

Timestamps can be tailored to your needs.  Normally you will need exchange timestamps.  Some data suppliers such as IB timestamp at ‘end of bar’ EOB, whereas others may timestamp at ‘start of bar’ SOB.  Let Portara know your real-time supplier and we will provide your 1 minute Ninjatrader intraday data to suit.

Roll Series & Back-adjustments
Optionally, choose any roll series such as HMUZ or just accept the default.  E.g. You can elect to skip contracts such as with Crude Oil or Gold.  You choose…

You can opt to have your data back-adjusted  – which will apply the contract settle difference close-to-close on the date of your rolls, this being the industry standard, or

You can opt for a zero adjustment – which will simply clip the actual data together in a continuous stream without applying the settle difference, again, your coice…

Days From Expiry

Optionally, choose how many days from each contract expiry you would like to have your NinjaTrader intraday data rolled or, accept the default.

Nearest Future or Deferred Contracts

Optionally, choose  how many contracts forward you wish to begin your continuous data.  Useful with STIR’s and any proprietary trading needs you may have.

Session Times

Optionally, choose session times in which to exclude unwanted evening and nighttime data outside of your usual trading day.

Regular Trading Hours Data (RTH)

Now you may choose to have Regular Trading Hours Data for intraday or daily.  For instance you can have daily or intraday bars based on your own session times.  E.g. With The British Pound (All Sessions) you may wish to have your OHLC daily bars showing open at 0720 and close at 1400 with high and low between those timestamps.

What Can Portara Do Exactly?
90 Second Demo of All Main Features

Watch how Portara Creates Back Adjusted Daily And Intraday Data

Keep hold! – for a 90 second ride through Portara’s main features. Do you need to alter the volatility of your data sets, randomise the opens and closes for statistical robustness testing? Then watch this video…

View Tutorial List

``Behind The Scenes`` at Portara

What is RTH data? What is Continuous back-adjusted data? Where has the Open gone? And many more tutorials!

Go & See...

Who is standing behind this project?

Someone who knows a great deal about data...


NinjaTrader Compatibility Guarantee

NinjaTrader Version 6 100%
NinjaTrader Version 7 100%
NinjaTrader Version 8 100%
For Power Users...

Control Everything !!!

With Portara you can control ALL your historical extractions any way you want them. Minimum 18 symbols. Includes CQG Actual and Continuous data for daily and 1 minute bar back to inception. Includes updates 1/2hr after markets close US.

More Info...

“High quality product with very accurate data and great customer service”

Thank You!! - Michael, Cincinnati Ohio

“Thank you for the great work and communication. I was positively impressed.”

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“Convincing product and great customer service. “

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“A great product – My eyes lit up when I saw this. Well Done! “

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“Exactly what I needed. Love the visuals, very well explained! “

Brilliant - NinjaTrader user


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